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Version 2020.1 of our Presence Content Management System (CMS) has been released. This release includes a new mobile menu and an optional Form Builder beta as well as a number of bugfixes and minor enhancements. 

New Mobile Menu

A new mobile menu has been included with the release. This new mobile menu is fully keyboard accessible, empowering users relying on screen-readers to easily navigate your site. 

Form Builder Beta

A new optional tool is now available to assist you with the creation of new form templates. This feature is not enabled by default, but if you wish to try it on your sites, you can contact our support team and they will be happy to enable this feature for your site(s). 


The Presence 2020.1 release also contains numerous bugfixes including fixing an issue where two icon image files in the administrator toolbar were loading over HTTP, even when using HTTPS, and an issue that some users were experiencing when trying to access calendar events through search. 

More Information

You can get more information on what was changed with the release by logging into your Presence site, opening the Shortcuts in your Administrator Toolbar and clicking What's New

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Posted by trevor.mackay  On Apr 24, 2020 at 2:05 AM

SchoolMessenger App Version 1.9.17 Released

Version 1.9.17 of our SchoolMessenger App for mobile was recently released for iPhone and Android. This release included backend enhancements to help the system run with more efficiency.

The release also included an enhancement for iOS that allows the user flexibility with updating the app when a new version is released. When a new version is available, upon opening the app, the user will see a pop up window informing them that an update is available. Users can choose to update their app or wait until the next release.

Posted by jnarag  On Apr 06, 2020 at 5:55 PM