Custom Mobile App Version 4.27 Released 

Version 4.27 of our Custom Mobile App was recently released. This release added support for additional Android screens and made some necessary changes required for iOS 13. The release also included some internal enhancements and application bugfixes.

Expanded Home Screen Support

In this release we have added support for Android devices using an 18:9 aspect ratio as well as enhancing support for Android devices with notches on their display screen. 

Application Updates

Some of the changes in the 4.27 update involved making required changes to our Custom Mobile App to keep up with changes being made with Apple App Store requirements in April 2020. 

In April 2020, the App Store will require all new apps and app updates to existing apps to target the latest version of iOS - iOS 13. Custom App now targets iOS 13 for all iOS builds, for both new apps and updates to existing apps, when submitted to stores. Exisiting apps in stores will continue to function without issue. If you require a new version of the app in the App Store, we will automatically update your app to support iOS 13 in compliance with Apple requirements.

Also in April 2020, Apple will no longer accept new apps using UIWebView to be submitted to the App Store. Similarly, existing apps using UIWebView will not be accepted starting in December 2020. Apps already in the App Store will continue to work without any updates. Custom App now uses the new method, WKWebView, for all new app and app update submissions to the App Store. If you require a new version of the app in the App Store, we will automatically submit your app using WKWebView in compliance with Apple requirements.

Both Apple and Google are constantly evolving the way they interact with applications like the Custom Mobile App. As such, a good chunk of our time is often devoted to ensuring that the Custom App Application is kept up to date with these changes so that your application will continue to work with Apple and Google. Such was the case with this most recent update as we made changes so our product would continue working after changes that Apple is rolling out.


The 4.27 release included various fixes for a number of bugs. One of these fixes requires your application to be rebuilt. 

If you are experiencing the following issue, please contact our support team to request your application be rebuilt: 

  • No count of page views showing when viewing the Statistics section in the App Builder.

Important: If you have not yet created developer accounts, you will need to do so in order for your application to be rebuilt. For information on setting up your accounts, click here. The iOS and Google Play stores require each client to have a developer account in order to deploy new versions of your application into their stores. 

Posted by trevor.mackay On 3/6/2020 at 12:09 PM