SchoolMessenger App Version 1.9.16 Released  

SchoolMessenger App Version 1.9.16 Released

Version 1.9.16 of our SchoolMessenger App for mobile was recently released for iPhone and Android. This release included minor text adjustments on the Attendance page for Android and iPhone for alignment. The release also included some internal backend enhancements and application bugfixes.


On iOS:

  • Set Up Wizard: If the user selected "Skip" on the Contacts and/or the Attendance pages as well as "Finish" in the Setup Wizard, they were taken to the Messages page instead of the Help page.
  • Attendance Page: List View for Absences didn't display alert messages.

On Android:

  • Attendance Page: The user wasn't able to create an absence due to an 'exam day' on a regular day. 

Posted by jnarag On 3/16/2020 at 7:58 PM