SafeArrival Version 1.5.2 Released 

SafeArrival Version 1.5.2 Released

What’s New

  • Statistic Improvements: More details are now shown in the statistics on the admin site.
  •  Absence Handling Improvements: small changes made to grace periods and how absences are explained.

Statistic Improvements

School admins can now see more details in the statistics on the admin site. On the Statistics page, you can now see the following:

statistic improvements

  1. In the Number of Absences Reported through SafeArrival tab there’s a "# STUDENTS ABSENCES” column.
  2.  There’s a new Absence Reasons tab.
  •  When you click the Absence Reasons tab, there’s a pie chart displaying the percentage and number of the reasons for the selected period of the school.
absence reasons tab

Absence Handling Improvements

Important: This feature needs to be enabled by customer support. If you’re interested in testing this new feature, please contact us.

When the Extended Grace Period feature is enabled by a super user, the settings for the “Grace Period of …” option will apply to all absences. School admin and staff can explain an absence without being constrained by the cut-off time.

absence handling improvements
Posted by jnarag On 7/21/2020 at 11:32 AM