Custom Mobile App Version 4.28 Released 

We have released version 4.28 of our Custom Mobile App. The release includes numerous bugfixes and changes to the minimum operating system requirements to run the Custom Mobile App on Android and iOS. 

Minimum Operating System Requirements Changing

SchoolMessenger’s Custom Mobile App is changing its minimum OS compatibility for iOS and Android devices. When Google and Apple upgrade their OS versions on Android and iOS, they discontinue support for older versions, requiring entire Android and iOS ecosystems to adapt. The upgrades impact SchoolMessenger’s Custom Mobile App as well.

SchoolMessenger’s CustomApp is upgrading our supported minimum versions for iOS and Android as follows:

 iOS Devices  iOS 9.3.5 iOS 11.0 
 Android Devices Android 4.4.4  Android 6.0 

If you like to know more about the changes to our minimum requirements, please see our FAQ.


The 4.28 release also included various fixes for a number of bugs, including an issue where Page Views graph in the Custom Mobile App Builder would not display in some circumstances. Some of the other fixes require your application to be rebuilt before you will see the issue resolved. 

If you are experiencing the following issue, please contact our support team to request your application be rebuilt. 

  • PDF links containing a # will not load

Important: If you have not yet created developer accounts, you will need to do so in order for your application to be rebuilt. For information on setting up your accounts, click here. The iOS and Google Play stores require each client to have a developer account in order to deploy new versions of your application into their stores. 


Posted by trevor.mackay On 7/31/2020 at 3:32 PM