School websites built on the SchoolMessenger Presence CMS platform do more than simply look good. Our websites for schools are designed to be accessible, responsive, easy to use, and easy to integrate with your other communications channels. With Presence, you can deliver impactful communications while saving time, money, and effort.

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Documentation is based on the 2023.2 release. To access the latest documentation for your site at any time, click on the help icon in the Administrative Toolbar of your site.

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Getting Started

The Getting Started section is a good place for new users. You will find the CMS user guide, the CMS administrator guide and a guide on using the RadEditor. These guides contain a lot of valuable information to help even experienced users get the most out of Presence.

Presence Web Pages

The Presence Web Pages section contains manuals for various page types such as the Calendar Page, Document Container Page and Teacher Page. If you have questions about a particular page type, this is the section you want.
Presence Web Pages Guides - English
Photo Gallery Guide
The Photo Gallery feature of your Presence site allows you to create multiple photo albums with dynamic features such as the ability to view pictures as slideshows, and even allow for moderated commenting, so that your visitors can view pictures of important events and projects within your organization and community. The Photo Gallery Guide will show you how to best utilize this feature for your site via uploading and managing images, customizing the Photo Gallery, and more.
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Presence Standalone Modules

The Presence Standalone Modules section contains manuals for standalone areas of Presence such as the Newsletter module and the Workflow module. While these modules can be integrated into your site in a number of ways, they do not correspond with particular page types.
Presence Standalone Modules Guides - English
Workspaces Guide
The Workspaces feature in your Presence website is a secure online portal where teachers and administrators can communicate in a password-protected environment. This tool features all of Presence's standard collaborative modules, such as calendars, photo galleries and discussion forum as well as content authoring and document sharing modules such as content pages, files, folders and the knowledge repository, but is typically not used by parents, students, or community members. The Workspaces Guide describes how to access and manage Workspaces, and is intended only for administrators and teachers.
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