Presence Version 2020.3 Released  

Version 2020.3 of our Presence Content Management System (CMS) has been released. This release includes the addition of a Rich Text Editor for creating Emergency Alerts, as well as a number of accessibility improvements, bugfixes and minor enhancements. 

Rich Text Editor for Creating Emergency Alerts

You are now able to use a simple rich text editor when creating Emergency Alerts on your site. This editor allows you to apply text formatting and add hyperlinks to any alerts you are posting without needing to manually add the required HTML. 

Creating an Alert with Rich Text Editor

Accessibility Improvements

A number of accessibility fixes and improvements have been included in the release. These changes assist those using various accessibility tools when accessing your site. The changes are primarily focused on enhancements for the navigation menus, the select a school dropdown, and the search bar.


The Presence 2020.3 release also contains numerous bugfixes including a fix for certain Page Directory and Data Summary links and not being able to update the Page Properties modal if the Page Owner field was blank. 

More Information

You can get more information on what was changed with the release by logging into your Presence site, opening the Shortcuts in your Administrator Toolbar and clicking What's New

Clicking on What's New


Posted by trevor.mackay On 1/5/2021 at 1:27 PM