Communicate is SchoolMessenger’s premier Voice, Text, Email and Push Notification service. With all the great ways Communicate can help your school-to- community engagement, we’ve provided a great number of documents, resources and more to help you get the most out of it.

Email Letter Template

Below you will find letter-style templates that you can utilize in email notifications to your recipients for various situations, such as informing them that your organization is using Communicate, notifying them of the various stages of your SMS Opt-In Campaign, and even for press releases.
Email Letter Template Guides

Getting Started

Find anything and everything a new Communicate user or administrator should know to help them get going. Whether you're a first time user or in need of a refresher on the basics, you'll find it here.
Getting Started Guides

Quick Walkthroughs and Troubleshooting

If you experience any difficulty using Communicate, check these handy troubleshooting and quick walkthrough guides for a solution.
Quick Walkthroughs and Troubleshooting Guides
Data Synchronization Overview - GDM (Guardian Data Model)
SchoolMessenger Communicate synchronizes data with thousands of customers daily, and we are familiar with most of the common data sources found in the market. Your project manager may recommend a specific option for data synchronization based on prior customer experience, but regardless of the specific synchronization strategy employed, this guide will help you understand the basic process flow by which data is synchronized with your Communicate account (with Guardian Data Model).
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FAQs and Marketing

In this section, you will find FAQs to answer common questions about Communicate and its features, as well as some handy marketing materials to help you.

Tips For Effective Communication

If you ever find yourself at a loss for what to say or when to say it… or just looking to improve your school communications in general, have a look at these documents for some great tips.

TCPA and CASL SchoolMessenger Solutions

SchoolMessenger solutions include industry-leading features to make the process of improving TCPA and CASL compliance easier.

SMS Text Messaging Resources

This section contains every resource you'll need for your SMS opt-in campaigns.

Please Note: SMS text messaging (a free feature) is not active by default on your SchoolMessenger Communicate account and requires special setup. Please contact our Support team before trying to send out SMS messages to your recipients. Also, the short code used may differ from account to account. Ensure you're using the correct short code by checking with Support before distributing any flyers. Our Support teams are happy to answer any other questions you have!
SMS Text Messaging Resources Guides